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The last few blogs have been much different than my average way of writing.
Just wanted to share a humorous side of my life and my family often teases me about the ‘incidences’ I have had.

There is one more that took place when my grand daughter Faith was in pre-school.
I pulled out of our road to take her to school and saw a car with flashing lights behind me.
I slowed down then pulled over thinking it was going to go around me and head off to wherever the officer was going. Um… no that did not happen. The officer slowed down and pulled in right behind me.
Faith was upset because we were already a bit late as I usually rush to anywhere I am going and she was anxious to get to school that day.
So the officer got out of his car and came to my window.
The following dialogue took place:
“Do you know why I pulled you over?” 
{It always seems a bit odd to me why they ask that question. You know they are not wanting to visit with you}
“Well I am not sure” was my reply.
The officer said, “Did you realize you pulled out in front of me?”
I was thinking to myself, I would never do that on purpose and I didn’t see an officer he must have been hiding somewhere.
At this point in time is where Faith joins in to the discussion.
She said to the officer from the backseat of the car and while sitting in her car seat, “You are making me late for school.”
He said to her, “I need to talk to your mom for a minute then you can go to school.”
I said to him, “I am her grandma and she goes to preschool down the road.”
She said to him again, “I need to go to school.” 
I politely answered her in my best grandma voice, “Let’s let the officer talk to us ok?”
She insisted, “Well he is making me late and I don’t want to be late.”
I am squirming in my drivers seat wondering what kind of ticket I might be receiving.
The officer leaned into the window and said, “I will let you go with a warning but next time you need to drive more carefully especially with a grand daughter in the car.”
Handing me my drivers license he walked back to his car and I waited until he drove away.
Faith went to school that day with a big story about how her grandma got stopped by a police officer in uniform and he almost gave her a ticket. 
I think it paid that day to have a cute little one with me.
In case you are wondering yes I do look for a hidden police cars anytime I drive.
It is amazing where they find to hide.

Hope you have enjoyed a bit of humor I promise there will be more ‘serious’ writing coming. 
This was just a few funny moments from the life and times of this blog writer.
I hope it has helped you to get to know me better.