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I am so looking forward to some sunshine. We have been hit hard with clouds, rain, cold, wind and fog for months and it is almost depressing. Plus with our families ‘health issues’ and other things that have been on the list for concern. It is time for sun and warmth.

Praying that your week has been one of joy and peace for you and yours in the midst of times that are often crazy either in real life or on the news or the Internet.
We just have to hold onto the realization that God is mighty and just and we are treasures in his kingdom. 
Nothing is without purpose or reason and He is in control of our lives even when we feel sometimes He isn’t.
Let us pray for each other and lift our ‘loads’ to a God who can carry them.
We are not alone as we walk this road of life ~ let us call on each other and be strong.
Tomorrow is a new day and I pray it is a good one.