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Continuing on the life changing moments theme.
This week was one of the most exciting in a long time.
Our friends at church were waiting for a visa to come through and be approved.
The Scottish preacher named Scotty was leaving to go home to Scotland.
His wife was waiting on her visa. It didn’t come and it didn’t come.
His plane ticket was paid for and he was leaving today to go to back to Scotland.
He hoped she would go too but he couldn’t wait for her because of the expiration date of his own visa.
We prayed and prayed down to the last few days left before he was leaving.
At last her visa came in on Thursday and they finally could book a flight together.
This morning they were loaded on the plane ready to face the new chapter of their lives together.
God is good and awesome and miracles do still happen.
It was an exciting experience to see the prayers of many answered just in time.
The other exciting thing that happened in our church.
We have a young couple who was expecting triplets. YES I said ‘three’.
She is tiny probably around 5 foot 1 inch and her normal weight about 110 pounds.
The babies were growing and she became larger and larger finally she was put on bed rest.
The babies were due the last part of November early part of December.
Last Tuesday she was rushed to the hospital as one of her babies lost some water.
They were able to put her on bed rest again and monitor the babies and wait till they were older and it was safer to deliver.
She was at 34 weeks and really too early to deliver the doctor was hoping for 11 more days.
Yesterday she woke up with severe labor and the C section was scheduled as quickly as possible and at 34 weeks and 5 days the boys were born.
Elliott weighed in at 4 lbs 6 oz, Tucker weighed in at 3 lbs 15 oz, and Oliver was 5 lbs 8oz. They all were near 17-18 inches long and they are healthy and needing very little intervention.
Today two of them have to have help with their breathing using a ‘cpap’ which is normal for preemies and the bigger one is doing fine breathing on his own.
GOD protected them and preserved their health and the health of the mommy.
Life changing moments for a family.
In the matter of a few minutes of time they became parents of 3 precious little boys. Adding to their family with another son waiting at home with grandparents. They will have four babies under two as soon as they all get home and get settled. A busy house full of excitement and fatique they are a ‘new’ family with many blessings ahead of them.
God is in the process of changing people through life changing moments.
We all have these moments where all of a sudden things are different for us.
Life as we knew it is changed forever.
In a moment of time:
One couple was on a plane heading to Scotland thanking God for an answer to their prayers.
The other couple enjoying the new experience of ‘being parents’ of multiples and thanking God for protecting and keeping them all safe through the process.
Life changing moments.
Lord God may we thankful and always lean on you as we journey through the many changes of life as we live it.
For you are the one who we draw strength from and we thank you for caring for every part of our lives as we seek you.
Praise you God for these miracles and moments of knowing that YOU are in control no matter how much we worry and wait.
You are God and we thank you for taking care of us all.