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Continuing our topic on prayer.

On Sunday the speaker gave us 5 Things to remember when making time for prayer.
1. Guard your time…
Make it important to spend in prayer.
Allow yourself 30 minutes a day if you can if not start small.
2. Get Content...
a. What to pray for
b. Prayer list
c. Need list
d. Names of those who need prayer
3. Find a method… that works for you.
a. If you write… journal your prayers out.
b. Make a prayer book with what you asked
for and what you have received
4. Pray in groups… keeping accountability with each other.
5. Read the Word…
a. Pray and take notes on what you read.
b. Ask God to show you ‘the words’ while you read.

The speaker said to start small and don’t discourage yourself.
In order to accomplish something new- one must do something physical to acknowledge the internal change of reality.
Get up early if you need to …. go to bed later if that is better.
Do something physical… if you walk then pray as you walk.
If you garden…pray as you garden.
It does not have to be on bended knee in a ‘form of worship’.
Pray without ceasing… that is all day… never stopping.
In the grocery store… in the mall…at work…at play.
Pray without ceasing.

For example:
Lord please be with the mail carrier they have so much responsibility help them to do their job in an efficient and timely way.
Lord please be with the man who takes our garbage. Thank you that he has this job and doesn’t mind doing something so ‘difficult’ through the eyes of many.
Lord please be with the policeman who takes care of the bad guys so we can stay safe.
Lord please be with the fireman who risks his life so that others can live.

Do you get the idea?
Pray without ceasing…
for the everyday… mundane things surrounding us.
I encourage us all to set aside time to read the word.
The speaker said he read the entire Bible in 4 1/2 days from front to back.
That is a committment.
We all have time it is what we decide to do with our time that makes the difference.
I pray that we will make a point to nurture our spirits deep within
for this is the way we grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord.