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I have been quiet for a short season of time because my husband had a knee replacement and we have been doing the necessary things for recovery.
It is a very major surgery.
It has taken a lot of time for both of us as he is not able to do much for himself.
The leg is very injured. There is about a 14 inch incision or longer.
They basically take one knee out and put the other knee in.
You can imagine what they must do to get that done.
VERY major bruising. A whole lot of pain.
He is not one to complain but it is very uncomfortable.
The one good thing the doctor told me his existing bone structure is like an old oak tree.
I would imagine that is a good thing.
I am tired but taking care of myself in the process not leaving home much.
This is a short season of time and recovery is necessary.
Writing will continue very soon.
God is using this quiet to teach me some very good lessons.
Prayers are appreciated.
At times he is a very silly man.