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I have an online friend who just wrote a book.
It is challenging. Beautiful. Thought provoking and I want to share it with you so you can have your own copy to enjoy.
When I first began the process of recovery it was very clear to me
that I did not know how to relax or play.
Children who come from broken homes learn to become very responsible.
It was very difficult for me to learn to be free and spontaneous.
To not listen to the must do’s inside my head.
I could not allow myself the down time to do nothing.
The rules robbed me of times of joy and freedom to play.

Playdates with God

Having a child like Faith in a grown up world.

Have you have ever watched children in a natural play setting?

There are no agenda’s or must do’s or have to’s or worrisome thoughts on what needs to get done right now. By nature they run, they play, they are free to swing and laugh and find joy in the simple.

Have you ever had a child bring you a bug or a leaf?
As adults we shy away from that sort of wondering and amazement.
I remember going for a walk with a little one and when she stopped to watch a snail
 at first it was very annoying to me. 
Then I paused and breathed in and slowed down and realized
the snail and the unique ‘look’ of the way it was moving slowly and we watched in amazement how it was in no big hurry to get to the other side of the sidewalk.
We need to make time to slow down and playdates are good for us.
Sometimes my husband and I take time away from this busy life to just play and walk at the beach.

It is good to get away and walk and talk and enjoy each other.
This book is a very good challenge and a wonderful read. 
I encourage you to watch the video in the link provided and get your book