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Plans are moving at a very rapid pace, changes are taking place and attachmenets of the heart are being challenged in every direction.
I do not do change well. When I put roots down I want them to be deep and strong.
Our house has sold and we had 14 days to find suitable housing for us.
We purchased a small two bedroom, two bathroom home that is quaint and cozy, with an over size single garage.
The more space you have the more you fill it; so this should be a great little simplified home.
It is in a different town than ours, maybe that is good. I am not sure yet.
This is a senior community but not the one we originally wanted.
We prayed, we searched, we talked, we waited, and we found one.
The first three homes we really liked we were not allowed to purchase for some reason or other.
Mostly we got bumped off with a cash buyer. The real estate market is a very tricky one these days.
This is not a fancy home, built in1973 they have remodeled it and it is a place that is comfortable.
The next ten weeks will be busy, we will be packing and packing and packing.
We have a double size garage that has to be cleaned out enough to fit into a single size.
There will be many changes but we are not leaving our church. We have friends we are not leaving.
Our grandchildren will get used to it, once they know it’s our home.
The couple who bought ours are young, first time buyers.
That is exciting for them. I think it will be a great house for a young potential family.
I don’t know if they have children or not but the yard is perfect for them, fully fenced.
I am not yet ready for my heart to catch up with the news.
When we first moved into this home I didn’t really like it.
As the years have come and gone it holds many memories both good and bad.
All of our grandchildren know this as ‘our home’…grandma and grandpa’s.
I guess we will all adjust.
Even my kitties are pretty disturbed with all the new behavior we are showing as we are coming and going a lot more.
It will settle in time. It will feel like home eventually, I will be ok in time.
For now there are many changes for our lives as we move through this process.
If you pray send one up for us, we need all the help we can get.
During the final move we are hiring a moving company, they are efficient and fast since they are most likely young and able to do the work.
Keep us in your prayers we need it.