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Today my husband had surgery on his shoulder.
I am not the nurse type so I am needing more patience
more compassion and more confidence
to push myself into places I am not so comfortable in.
The hospital itself is a challenge with all the things that makes up a hospital.
Then the ‘pre-op’ tasks and duties they have to do.
I was standing out in the hall feeling a bit woozy.
Of course breakfast had to wait till he left for surgery and I had several cups of coffee on an empty stomach. Not a good combination.
He went in at 10:20am to the surgery room and was home by 5:30pm.
The day was ok. He did ok. Thank you God.
The anesthesiologist said it was a bit shaky for a few moments when my husbands throat closed up on him as they were trying to wake him up from the anesthesia. He said he had to put a tube down his throat to open the passage for air. That sounds a bit scary and I didn’t really need to hear that. The night before my husband said to me, “you know what to do if something goes wrong …” I said yes with tears in my eyes. Trying to not think of the ‘going wrong concept’. After 37 years I did not or would not want to choose a life alone.
God was with us today as He always is.
I am learning to do some care taking.
It will be a bit of a challenge for at least 4 weeks till my husband can finally move his arm.
Lord give me patience but don’t give me any more intense challenges ok?
How are you all doing this week?