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Someone at our church lost her husband the day before Thanksgiving.
How does one deal with that?
He had been on a heart transplant list for four months.
Can you imagine?
four months of waiting…
for a heart to be available.
It is hard to wait ….
to question …
can you live longer…
will they find a match for you…
If their heart is good
then it takes a fast acting team to do the surgery and implant the heart into a chest waiting.

He didn’t get a heart.
He rested and waited
for 4 months
and no heart was there to bring life
His body weakened and he could wait no longer.
God has a reason.
God has a purpose for the wait and the heart ache and the final hours.
We won’t ever understand it.
We won’t ever know why some live and some don’t.
We just need to remember this little family now with our prayers.
Can you pray with me?
He left behind a wife and two sons, ages 8 and 4.

Thank you for being with her God,
Give her strength and stamina to press forward
in the days and months to come.
Help her now to rest in your powerful wonderful
love. Help her in her sorrow. Help her in her weakness.
For we give her to you as a child of yours who needs your
arms to hold her.
She needs a hug…
Thank you for your promise that you will not ever leave us.
Bring comfort to her … bring peace to her…
Give her rest
through your powerful name ~