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Resting at night in our family room.
He liked an old blanket or sometimes a dog  pillow.

Our Old Black Dog, formerly known as Samson was put down today. 8/21/12
It is a sad day for us.

We have guessed he is 15-16 years old now.
When we rescued him from the pound he was about 3-4 years old.
My husband was looking for a dog to take fishing and camping and he wandered into a petsmart one day and saw him there. He called me and said ‘You won’t believe what I found’.
He was very excited to bring him home.
They said he had to go to the pound to actually adopt him.
We had to take in my Australian cattle dog Sadie and my dachshund Sophie so they all could be introduced to each other before they would release him to us.
(sometimes dogs don’t get along and that would have been a bad deal)
We all piled into the car and headed to the pound.
Sadie was not happy and perhaps even felt like we might be leaving her there.
Sophie was oblivious to the entire trip.
After we adopted him we put him in the car carrier and headed home.
He howled and hollered and carried on for miles as I looked at my husband with a look that meant
“what did we get ourselves into?”.

My husband stopped the car about half way and took Samson out of the dog carrier.
The rest of the ride home he sat on the seat and never whined or barked or made any noise.
He just didn’t like that dog carrier.

He became good friends with Sadie blue and after she passed on I picked up Emma Rose a red heeler.
They played and romped and just became good buddies.
He loved it on the water with Papa O he even had a life jacket just his size.

When our grandson was born the two Sam’s would often get confused
if we said “Sit” they both would sit down so we changed our Samson dog to Old black dog….or Obd.

He adjusted to the name well and our grandson learned to call grandpa’s buddy “Obd” too.
He will always be remembered as our ‘old black dog’ and my husbands fishing buddy.