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We have gone through the many ways of letting go, the emotional process of cleaning and purging.
We have journeyed through the hard parts of life and loss and found hope in the middle of it all.
We have ventured into new schedules and new ideas and plans both individually and as a couple.
This fall I have seen many face book pictures of mom’s taking pictures of children moving up into new grades.
They are facing new schedules and new situations too.
Some are entering school as a college age person, some are entering into kindergarten for the first time.
All ages bring us new awareness that life is a series of changes and choices.
In the past week there was a horrendous fire in our area started by a young teen who didn’t make good choices.
The lesson learned will be with him for his entire life.
When we see something like this we begin to understand that no choice we make impacts only ourselves.
If we have family and friends each decision made effects all of us.
How busy we become or how preoccupied we allow ourselves to be affects our peace.
For me there must be time of slow introspective moments of quiet and rest.
Not sleeping just restful restoration.
Fall is here and there is a short window of time till Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Always time for family, always time for reflection and memory making.
I am going to try some new schedules for writing, for exercise and for personal relationships.
The lessons learned in letting go of what is not necessary will be life changing.
Will you join with me in this challenge?
If we allow the ‘clutter’ to remain around us both physically and mentally we become weighted down,
with what is not positive or needed in this time of our lives.
It is a challenge I will take on with all the energy I can hold onto.
Our lessons learned are good and become our teachers if we allow them to teach us.