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Our good friend passed away yesterday morning.
It is a bittersweet ending to the tragic life ending story that unfolded a week ago.
A normal day, riding your bike out on a country road ends in tragedy and sorrow.
We grieve. We ask why and have no answers.
We trust when we don’t know how.
God knows the day we are born and the day we die.
It is not for us to know, only for us to live our lives right and good and in peace so that when tragedy happens, there are no words left unsaid or regrets never solved or healed.
We will miss them and I ask for prayers for their immediate families.
For the upcoming holidays without parents.
For the ‘first’s that are so hard to manage at any age.
What a reunion they must have had when he arrived after her, in heaven.
They were believers so we know that is their final place now.
Our sorrow is for a season and our memories are for a lifetime.
It is a hard feeling to lose a loved one and if that loved one is a parent it leaves one feeling alone, in a very different way.
I know because my parents have passed in the last two years.
Please pray for their four children as they move through this very difficult time.