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Our family went on a camping trip.
It was not anything to share about, just took our trailer to Bend area and it was good weather.
In fact, it was SO hot I tried not to complain.
We had very little hook ups and with a trailer that is a major inconvenience.
At one point in time, we went over to Lava Lake area and walked around the lake.
I had knee length shorts on, and I thought I was OK.
Not true.
Somehow, I had gotten bit by a tick and never knew it.
I wonder where it went.
We were home after about 4-5 days and my knee was rather swollen and not happy.
We ended up in urgent care and that doctor thought I had cellulitis.
Which is serious.
She gave me antibiotics and told me to watch my knee.
After the next week I went back to another doctor, and she said I had a Lyme ring from a tick.
The antibiotics really helped but I did have this virus in my system and will have to deal with it.
I don’t mind being unique but out of 47 people I was the only one with symptoms.
I guess I am special.
Camping is always a risk, there are lots of bugs and creatures to watch out for.
I did not feel pain, nor did I feel fatigue, other than today because I am fighting something.
I like our trailer and I like the many feelings of home, but you still have the chance to get bit by something.
The season is almost over.
We have one more outing planned at the coast then we will put the trailer away.
Our family went on a camping trip, and I was the one to find a rare tick in the pacific northwest.