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This last weekend we took a day off and went ‘sight seeing’ on the Oregon Coast.
My favorite place to go.
Our journey included a drive to Gearheart which is a lovely little beach town full of quaint little beach homes nestled among the sand and grass. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them.
After doing a bit of geocaching which the guys love to do we headed on to Astoria.
In Astoria we were amazed to find some wonderful ships on the water just moving so slow through the waves and current I could have watched them all day long.

They were large in size and amazing to look at then we walked down the trolley car track to see other ships. Here I am walking down the track watching my steps on the uneven wood.

As we headed to the other side of the tracks to see more we enjoyed the cool wind in our faces.

This is the trolley car when it’s picking up people along the route.
We were going to ride it then decided to just walk the track to our next viewpoint.
The trolley was very crowded. 
We came around the corner and as we were looking over the waters view point I looked up and saw this mother seagull protecting her babies. She stood up and made all kind of noise to let us know we were close.
We had never seen a seagull and babies in a ‘nesting rest’ spot before it was very fun to see.

The babies had their soft feathers and it only looked like it was two of them. High on a perch over the waters edge on a large piece of wood. They were very cute and very quiet.

The ferry we were heading to see was this one, a Coast Guard ferry we were not allowed to enter.

It was very pretty sitting in all it’s glory against the blue water and landscaping.

Here is another large ship in the water. Amazing to see as it moved slowly into the channel.
At one point in time there were four of them waiting to enter the channel many miles away from where we were standing. So big this picture does not show how large it really was.

This is the top of the ferry boat. Amazing and very high.

If you look closely there are four ships out there far away from us.

The top of one of the ships we were standing next to not far from the very high Astoria bridge.

It was amazing to see the barge ships come through that very high passage way. We watched them move so slowly and yet so guided by a plan and a destination. Amazing to be a part of and watch and very refreshing out in the wind by the water.