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Lately I have been driving early in the morning.
To be out in the dark and observing the sun rising is new to me.
The start of a new morning begins as I drive down the road.
I am often reminded that each day we get a fresh clean slate.
We can choose if we want it to go bad or not.
Even in our struggles that others may put towards us
it is still our choice to decide behavior shown or words spoken.
It is a challenge for us on a daily basis.
Do we show kindness?
Do we smile?
Do we pray and ask good things for others?
Are we grateful that we can get up one more day and breathe
the breath of life and hope and goodness?
Even when it is hard to find those things
they are there right in front of us.
We choose the direction we are giving out to others.
Every day we are given a choice and
I pray we make a good one.

photo by Margo L of Yamhill