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The other half of our day on the river was pretty good until one of our teams hit a bridge and capsized their canoe.
They had headed through it and somehow hit sideways and slammed into the center post.
The canoe went over and they were in the water in seconds even with life jackets the water was swift and the current was fast.
They were good swimmers and made it to shore.

We prayed for their safety and we prayed for a recovery that would not be too difficult.
When a canoe is over turned it is a very difficult task to move it.
There is water current and water pressure and it is very similar to a strong suction cup.
Fortunately along the shore line there was a man who lived nearby with a motor boat.
Between the motor boat trying to attach ropes to the canoe and the man power of at least five guys after what seemed like over ninety minutes on the water the boat was pulled to shore and then turned over.

We waited by the side of the waters edge watching, and praying for the canoe to be rescued.
Our team members were safe and other than being shaken and a bit scared they were not hurt.
We all clapped and yelled when it was finally pulled to the other side of the waters edge and turned over.
The only items they lost were a few towels, bungee cords and a tube of chap stick.

We continued our trip down the river singing and praising God that our team was back together and everyone was safe and not injured.
As we were chattering with each other someone said in a quiet tone, “shush… there is an eagle ahead”.
Our silence was in anticipation of what we were going to see.
Over to the left was a large bald eagle and he was sitting in a tree watching us.
It then moved in flight and hovered over our team circling three times.
I was not able to see this but those who did said it was amazing.
Then the eagle flew over us and into a tree on the other side of the river.
We felt it was a ‘blessing’ and a gift to see such a beautiful bird and perhaps a sign that all was going to be
well for the rest of the trip.