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After we saw the eagle we were all feeling pretty blessed and happy.
It is not every day one has the chance to see such a majestic bird flying over ones head.
We coasted along with the current and continued to enjoy the sun and the soft breeze.
It was refreshing and also upsetting because of all the fourth of July rafters who were in my opinion not taking the water seriously.
We saw parents who had little children on swift waters with no life jackets and even allowing little children
to navigate kayaks alone with no adult supervision or help.
I personally prayed for each and every one of those little ones who looked unsure or afraid.
The river is to be respected and it was very different this year.
The scenery was beautiful, quiet and peaceful.
(other than when we saw the others on the water)
I was uncomfortable with strange people with us and worked really hard to move away from them.

We used to see deer and other wild life but this year they were pretty far away from the noise on the river.
I did happen to get some pictures of a gaggle of geese along the shore line.

They were sitting on the edge of the water as if they were watching us float by.

I have always enjoyed the wildlife in their natural environment.
In the past we have seen a variety of deer on the shore and birds in the air.
Each year it is different and each year we may or may not be able to see an eagle.
As we were ending our trip and heading to the last stretch of the river.

Ryan our only kayak rider fell out of his kayak and had to navigate back into it.
He said the current was swift and his kayak had water in it.
Then another one of our team members dumped their canoe over.
That incident could have been very serious as they were both under the canoe for a short time and they could feel the current try to pull them away.
Then as we were closing in on our take out point our head leader and his wife dumped their canoe.
We have never had so many canoes go over and it seemed like a very different year for all of us.
Each one of the incidents could have been very serious from the hand ‘cut’ to the canoes overturning.
God was with us and protecting us.

Our 2013 trip was different yet it was sweet for when we couldn’t be on the river we could spend time sharing with each other doing different things.

We learned to work together and help one another and become more of a team.
It was good and it was challenging.

We look forward to next year and the many years after that until we no longer can go.

The river is a beautiful place to see God’s creation.
We are never disappointed in the experience or the view.