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The journey continued for those heading to better lands.
The people varied from camp sites. Each had their own agenda’s and goals.
The old and the young, all went together. Women worked as hard as the men.
It amazed me how they must have traveled. DSCN1556
No roads, only un-travelled sage brush filled mountainous ranges.
They had some of their ‘possessions with them’, some treasured items.
I am not sure what the mom’s did with little babies as there was not fresh water to do daily care or even enough heat to keep them warm at night, if the temperatures lowered. They sacrificed so much to leave a land they knew to go to one they wished for. DSCN1591
The journey was long and they endured many rough times as they faced each day I am not so sure I would have had that kind of determination. When we were there visiting at the museum it was hot, in the high 80’s and not anywhere near the discomfort they would have experienced.DSCN1593