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As we moved through the pictures and the replica’s they had inside of the museum one can imagine how hard the journey was for them. When some of their loved ones died.
They had to bury them and move on.
There was no time for intensive grief life was harsh and they had to meet the goal before the weather changed and the months worsen for them on the journey.
How did they have fresh food or even water is beyond my imagination because the land was so harsh and treacherous at times. I cannot even imagine… the emptiness they had in their hearts looking for a new ‘fresh place to live.’
IMG_1270 (4)DSCN1539
The stories are interesting to read how they journeyed by day and perhaps night.
I cannot imagine every night going to sleep with the howling of wolves by my bed.
It must have been a bit ‘unnerving’ for them yet they moved forward every day with a goal in mind to find new land and a new life.
The journey was hot, and many got sick and some even died.
There was often discord among the travelers but there also had to be some in charge.
Then there were others who fought the tired travelers.
Families had to give up much to travel the journey.
Keepsakes, friends, family left behind who didn’t join them on the journey.
DSCN1599 DSCN1602
It was a great ‘afternoon’ spent learning about the history of the Oregon trail.
I will be sharing more in the next few ‘posts’… it was just so interesting.
I had a new appreciation for what it took for these people to travel so far.