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When I see this picture it reminds me of the journey we all walk at some point in our lives where not knowing what will meet us at the top of the stairs becomes our question.
Some people would see it as a new adventure exciting and full of wonder and new experiences.
Others of us hold onto the railings with a bit of trembling and perhaps a bit of anxiety
as we take one step at a time while feeling the wind upon our face and perhaps the warmth of the sun on our back gathering courage as we step into an unknown.

Sometimes one step at a time is all we can do as we enter:

into a new challenge
into a new adventure
into a new heartbreak or a new healing.
Life is often a risk.
We don’t always know what waits for us as we journey into a different place.
We just have to be aware of the courage and strength we have within us to face the new ‘situation with a strong heart and brave spirit.’
Always taking one step at a time.
[photograph taken by Larry O – 2008 in  Southern Oregon]