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One of the first writings in my 2010 book was about our first grand daughter Faith Elizabeth.

Her name is Faith ~ February 2nd, 2010
Our oldest grand daughter was a preemie, arriving early weighing only 2 pounds and 11 ounces and she was 17 inches long.
She was due in July and came in May surprising all of us. She was bright eyed and very tiny.
Our first experience in grand parenting. It was scary and we were filled with prayer and concern.
She had to stay in the neonatal side of the baby unit for a few weeks moving from one side to the other.
After several weeks she was allowed to come home, weighing only 3 pounds 9 ounces.
She was healthy and precious and I knew I had to be a part of this little child’s life.
Our daughter had to go back to work and I quit my job so I could stay home with our little Faith.
She started out sleeping in an old fashioned wicker bassinet basket I found in an antique store.
When she slept in it she looked like a tiny baby doll. As she grew we moved her upstairs to her crib.
I would leave the baby monitor on so I could hear her as I did assorted things downstairs.
She knew it was her room and we had a schedule that worked well for all of us.
As she grew older she would wake up slowly in her room and play quietly.
I had the monitor on so I could hear whether I needed to get her right away or not.
My favorite memories are of her waking up and talking to her menagerie of dolls, bears and blankets.
I would sit downstairs and listen to her wonderful baby noises, we laugh about it now.
She is almost 11 and in 5th grade and she would say to me, “tell me about the time I was talking upstairs” and I would give her the full report of my memory.
When she was waking up I would hear her say, “I am running” and I could hear the squeaking of the crib mattress, or she would say, “Nama I am jumping” and I could her feet scuffed on the mattress pads.
I learned she needed to wake up slowly to be in a better mood.
After awhile the room was quiet and I would hear her say, “Nama come get me, I want out.”
The sad pitiful voice, knowing she could not yet climb out of the crib by herself.

As I think of this scene I often wonder, if God had a monitor on us what would he hear us say?
Would he hear, “daddy I am running, jumping running to you. I need you please come get me”
I wonder does he smile just as I did for my grand daughter when he hears us?
We can open the door to our heart just as I opened the door to her room.
I would see her reach out to me for she knew I was safe, she knew I was her rescuer.
She knew when I would take her out of the room, she was held by the one who loved her.
My challenge today is this: do we allow God to delight in us and ask him to rescue us?
Do we realize sometimes we cannot get out of a situation without his help?
Just as Faith could not get out of her crib, without me.
We need to know we need him in the same way. He rescues and protects and rejoices in us.
Just as I did for my precious little grandbaby.