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On September 11th.
I remember it was early in the morning as we were either making breakfast or just finishing it.
The TV was on as we were watching either Good morning America or a local Oregon show.
The station changed into a scene so catastrophic it was hard to believe or imagine.
The news stations were not just showing and delivering news.
They were bringing to the face of America a tragedy.
A sorrowful moment.
A day of disbelief and unimaginable terror …we were all silent as we watched.
Words could not even touch the scenes that we were watching.
The first airplane hit… then the second… the news of other planes going down.
Then in total absolute shock the first tower began to tumble down
crumbling like a ill designed tower of metal.
We watched dust and debris floating all over the screen filled with people running.
Then the second tower weakened by its broken foundations fell toppling itself onto the remains of the first.
I could not get away from the images they were showing on the screen.
My grand daughter was two at the time and I tried to watch it without her seeing the horror of the moment.
This was live viewing as our modern technology allows the sounds and
the screams mixed with panic as we watched the
the dust falling
and the trauma unfolded into our own living rooms.
With my stomach in knots all day long churning and turning like a washing machine agitating
like others I was glued to the television set and could hardly remove myself from the family room.
On September 11th we were attacked like no other time in history unless we remember pearl harbor.
On our American soil.
Our land of the free and home of the brave.
Many of those brave souls died.
Those who didn’t die had their spirits changed forever.
Nothing would have told each and every one of them that on that day
as they rose to get ready for work or school,
have a muffin or a cup of coffee.
That it would be their last one. EVER.
That their lives would be changed
in a moment… in an instant.
Can you even imagine?
Saying goodbye to your loved one with plans for the evening or weekend to come
or dropping your child into the daycare not realizing it would be the last hug,
the last kiss or the last little smile you would share with them.
There were children in the buildings just as there were adults.
It was an American tragedy eleven years ago.
My fear is that we have forgotten so much.
My fear is that our ‘American patriotism’ that rose to the surface so many days after the tragic moments
has numbed itself.
I pray we never ever let our guard down to let evil prevail.
We must be strong as a nation.
Our United States of America must always remember
we are stronger than our enemy.
Evil did not win then and it cannot win now.
May God continue to Bless Our America.