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We watch the shows of hostages and know that it is just a show and
the good guy wins and the bad guy doesn’t.
We want justice.
We want to know at the end of the show it will be safe and happy for everyone.
This last week we all heard and saw and realized
what should have been safe…wasn’t.
A crazy man entered a movie theater and  horrible things happened.
I cannot imagine
the horror and
the fear and
the sorrow
as the evening progressed into a series of rounds over and over by a crazy man.
At first I was sick when I  heard the news.
My stomach stayed in a knot and almost nauseated for several days.
Deep sadness followed me mixed with tears.
My husband had to turn the TV off I was so moved by the terrible truth of what I heard.
I watched and felt the intensity of the moments.
Then I moved into anger that little children
were in the theater when they should have been home sleeping in safe beds surrounded by dolls and teddy bears and warm comforters.
I was angered that our society will stand in long lines and pay large prices
for something that is violent.
In the name of entertainment.
Do little children really need to be at a midnight theater who shows a larger than life violent movie?
In the name of entertainment.
I was saddened that innocent people
randomly chose to go to a move that night and died because of that decision.
Movies are pretend.
This was not pretend.
Our lives remain changed just as they did when we heard about the 9/11 violence.
Any crowd can be the next bad one.
Any man or woman could be the wrong one.
We cannot live in fear.
We can live with values and choices.
We can refuse to pay for a violent movie.
We can refuse to go to a midnight showing.
We can voice a no violence tolerance and close out all wickedness.
IF we don’t pay the movie makers
they have no audience.
We want justice for the wrong that was done.
We want the good guy to win and the bad guy to be put away forever.
We really need to return to our knees a little longer these days
for the families who were broken by the choice
of one very sick man who didn’t care for anyone but himself.