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No matter how busy our lives, there are ways to make sure neither distance nor every day demands.
keep us from friends we don’t want to lose.
I care about my friends and value the time it took for us to become friends and to stay that way.
Two of my special friends live far away from me. It takes effort to see them.
We treasure the time when we can plan a day or weekend.
It is very important to make it a priority.
Also, the phone calls or texts make a difference too.
Not the same as having a hot cup of tea together, but it is a small compromise when we can’t ‘be together’.
Jesus had friends, he spent time teaching them and preparing them.
Wanting them to be watchful and aware.
I think that is important too.
A real friendship builds up the confidence in each other and the ability to pray for and with each other is a blessing.
My life changed when my friends moved away but I knew in my heart it was a good move for both of them.
We can be happy and be a little sad at the same time.
Our lives are here to nurture the ones who give us time and value.
If I could go over and drop in and say “HI” I would, but for now, I must be happy with texts and calls.
My sister just made a lovely luncheon for her ‘good’ friends.
It was not only a gift of her time and talent but a sincere effort to get to know them better.
It takes time, and it takes choice to go out of your way to do something nice.
We all can do that. It is just a matter of deciding what are we trying to build up and nurture.
No matter how busy our lives, there are ways to make sure neither distance nor everyday demands.
keep us from the friends we don’t want to lose.