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Every year I try to choose a new word of the year.
It must have purpose and meaning and it is often God given or inspired.
A week or so ago as I laid in bed sleeping in the quiet of the night, I woke up to hear the word.
It felt like it was from God as I was in a deep sleep then I woke up.
After listening and studying it I am realizing so much how it will fit into this ‘new’ years plans.
In Deuteronomy a book of the Old Testament, there is a verse in chapter five, number twenty four.
[Our God has revealed to us his glory and greatness.]
In the entire bible the word is used sixty times.
In the book of Psalms one nineteen between verses forty one and forty eight we find this.
[Oh I’ll guard with my life what you have revealed to me.]
I woke up out of a deep sleep with the word reveal in my mind. It was very clear and it was very firm.
Reveal means: to make known, disclose, divulge, (as in reveal a secret), to lay open to view as in display or exhibit.
It also means to uncover as in (the fog lifted and revealed the harbor or beauty). To disclose the plans.
After thinking about this word and wondering what significance it would have for the year it made complete sense. We are planning our ‘retirement’.
My husband is ending his job and retiring. It is a mystery to us how this is all going to work.
We are trusting in the process and those who know how to handle our funds and insurances and bills.
I clearly heard, if we can say we hear from God. “I will reveal to you what you do not yet know.”
“I will make your path clear and I will help you see, that your fears and concerns are not reasonable.”
There are many things we do not know about retirement and there are many things about it that is scary.
It is also very exciting but to know how it is all going to play out and become real is a mystery.
But I believe with all my heart that when we look back at the year we will be sure in our hearts, He did reveal to us the plans.
It is a strong word full of mystery and anticipation.
Just as the fog covers the scene so one cannot see the whole picture.
God has said ‘He will reveal to us’ what we will need for this next phase of life.
The word for 2016 is Reveal .
As we go into the path that is unknown HE will make known to us what lies ahead. We will trust and we wait.