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Our trip to the beach was wonderful.
The children were so good and grandma and grandpa just relaxed and let the parents do the care taking.
We are hoping to make this a new tradition.

The beach is always so inviting.
I love it and could actually live nearby if possible.
Two days it was so foggy one could stand on the sand and hear the ocean but not see it.
It was a strange experience to be fogged in so thick that day.
The next day it was warm with exceptionally nice weather around 70 degrees then the day after that it was cool 65 with a brisk wind and one needed a sweater to be comfortable.
The beach weather changes by the day and sometimes even by the hour.
There were two weddings.
We were able to see one bride and groom on the beach taking pictures and enjoying the best day out.
I could not imagine getting married at the crosses where I so love.
Their ‘place for committment’ was high above the cliffs and high above the surf where the crosses stand against the open sky and ocean.
How fun… but oh I kept thinking of that beautiful white wedding dress dragging in the sand as they walked and posed for pictures.
We had a great time with family and next year it will be even better.
A tradition for us all we hope.
Beach time with kids and families.