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On day four the new word for our writers challenge is practice.
If you want to be good at something it takes practice.
The definition in is: repeated performance or systematic exercise
for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency.
He said it won’t make you perfect but it will create discipline.
To have discipline we have to show up.
It has to be a mindset to prioritize your writing.
It is easy to make excuses.
We all have homes that need attention.
We all need to walk, weed, dust or vacuum but even in saying all that to have a nice home it takes effort and energy to get it done.
Writing is the same.
He challenged us to sit down and do it.
In all honesty a year or so ago I did initiate contact with a few others and did guest posts for them and also did a small writing on 5 minutes for faith sharing my testimony.
It takes effort even if you don’t fully believe in yourself. 
It was hard for me to reach out and be challenged to write only 500 words or less with a deadline for submitting the writing.
Then hoping and praying it will be good enough for at least one nice comment.
When an occasional good comment would come in my hope increased and my vision became more clear for the purpose of this blog.
He challenged us to submit an article for a magazine.
It is practicing what you desire to become.
If someone wants to become a good runner they do not sit on the couch and watch other runners on a dvd.
They purchase shoes and good running pants and they discipline themselves to go to the track or path and start running. They begin small and slowly stretch and they loosen up and then they are able to run with great abandon so long as they are trained properly first.
Writing is just like that. 
If we want to accomplish our goal we have to be active and show up at the key board.
He challenged us to make the time to get it done.
He said we might fail in the effort but at least the effort was made and we learned something in the failed process.
If we don’t try we won’t know if it is good or not.
He says writing is an active process and we need an engaged mind to present our thoughts and feelings to the reader.
So learn to write when you are able to think clearly and form thoughts easier.
For some that might be early in the morning.
For others might be in the dark of the night.
Whenever it is let us be challenged to practice more and begin a new habit of writing.