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“Only when the interior of a life becomes a chapel can the outward life echo with the clear word of the Lord.”
I read this on another writer’s blog and really wanted to share it.
(hoping it is ok).

Thinking about that concept I move into memories of when I have walked into a chapel type setting. I can see the stained glass windows. The wooden pews carved in ancient wood attached to the floor with black iron bolts. I visualize how many others have sat on those rugged wood seats or knelt down on knees ready to release the burdens they carried. I can see the variety of ages of singers in robes accompanied by the pumped organ.
The choir director standing with arms outstretched moving to the count of every note.
Old and young with voices mingled sitting together. Rich history accompanies every word in multitudes of notes sung from hardback hymnals donated by someone.

It is all visual… I can see it. I can hear it. I value the experience. I love the old fashioned worship. The hymns of long ago.

On a hill faraway stood an old Rugged Cross.
There is power power wonder working power.
Onward Christian soldiers.
Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.
Can you go there with me in memory? Is the picture clear?

Just to say the word CHAPEL…. brings forward a reverence. A holy thought. A place of comfort and a place of welcoming.

If our interior condition is to be like a chapel. It means we would have a place carved out for the Lord, the word and the Spirit deep within our hearts. If we are not centered on the word, we cannot echo the Love of God to anyone.
It would not be possible.

Thinking about an echo… it is a sound that repeats whatever is heard. So if we hear and read and study the word then we will be able share … the sound with others.

I hope this brings you encouragement and moves you into a thinking process.

This writing is not to say I dislike the new way of worship.
I value it. The singers and muscians who bring it to us are gifted and talented.

As we worship by ourselves or with others. I am praying that our thoughts will bring us to a new kind of chapel. For that is when the Lord can use us.