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Our wedding cake was made by Larry’s mom. She did a wonderful job of decorating and setting it up.
Hard for me to imagine how she did that, now that I know the pressure of making a cake and also being the groom’s mom.
She did an amazing job and had the colors all matching and the flowers it was a simple white cake with white frosting, I remember she used to shop at the wilton cake store.
Then we had the normal ‘dishes of mints and nuts’, coffee and tea, served on church glass dishware.
After the receiving line, which I hated, (never know what to say to some people) we changed our clothes and left.
Larry was totally shocked when he saw our car covered in crepe paper. Especially black because it was raining and it ran and smeared all over our yellow vintage baracuda car.
We headed to our first night as a married couple off the river at Jantzen beach in Portland, then moved from there to a few nights at the beach.
After that we came back to my mom’s house for a ‘unwrapping of the gifts’ party.
Yes Larry did have plaid pants on and yes there were a lot of gifts to open and unwrap.
After that we moved it all to our first apartment which was a basement apartment under a very large stately home. Our new little place was a one bedroom with a small kitchen, and small living room. I think we shared the laundry facility. I don’t really remember I just know it was small and furnished very moderately. We lived there about six months then they asked us to move when we were expecting our first baby.
Our second home was a tiny little home behind a home. We basically were in their back yard.
Now time, they would call it a tiny house.
It was about 680 square feet and it was cozy and very pink. I actually loved the vintage look which included a porcelain claw foot bath tub.
The living room was small. The kitchen was cozy, our room was almost big enough for a dresser and full size bed, you had to go through the bedroom to get to the old fashioned bathroom. The babies room was two crib lengths long and one crib length wide. Christopher loved his room till he was about three, then baby number two came, we put the cradle on top of our dresser, it had a flat bottom and it fit just right on top so I didn’t have to bend too far. We had a son and a daughter and then they asked us to move. They felt the house was too small for a family of four. It was cheap about $80.00 a month and very cozy.
Both of our babies were born there and it had ‘good memories for us’.
After we left they tore this little house down.
It was a sad thing to hear, and I would have loved to have kept that porcelain bathtub.
Our new life was beginning as a family and the story continues.