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A grandparent’s heart grows wider and deeper~
with every grandchild born.
It is an honor and a special privilege to be grandparents.
It is love at a different level.
Our son now has three son’s.
Samuel is six… Josiah is two and a half and Seth is one day old.
A baby was born.
To parents who love and nurture and care for each other so they can care for their children.
Changes will come to this house… making room for one more is a bit of a re-adjustment.
Rooms reorganized and closets de-cluttered. Change… is good.
Each child is different and needing different things.
When we were young parents we brought our children up with the prayers that they will be good citizens some day. That they would be responsible and true to themselves.
That they would love their Lord and serve in some way.
That they would make us proud.
Our daughter has three daughters and now our son has three sons.
We are very proud and pleased and so very blessed.
A baby to love is a beginning for us all.
His life is fresh and new and tender and sweet.
Lord God bless our little ones and protect them always.
Surround them with angels and form a hedge of protection around their every move.
Thank you God for entrusting these children to their parents who love them and to the grandparents who would do anything to make their lives safe and comfortable.
We are thankful to have Faith, Hannah, Alexis, Samuel, Josiah and now Seth join our hearts circle of love.
Lord God we give you thanks~ we are SO blessed.
What blesses you today?