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This week the blogging community has been challenged by a man who writes and encourages and teaches others to pursue their gifts and abilities.
I don’t know this person and I am not familiar with anything about him but I do appreciate his challenge.
It is hard.
He shared the 15 habits of great writers and challenged us to ‘write about them’.
The first one was to declare that you ‘are a writer’.
I will see if I can stay disciplined enough to write something for this challenge every day.
Writing has been a journey for me and to actually say or even to believe that I am a writer takes a lot of ‘strength’ from inside.
On my new business cards part of the title says creative writer and blog author but do I really believe that in my heart?
It feels like pride to me, as if  I am saying ‘look at me… notice what I am writing’.
The flip side of that feeling is the bigger issue:
I read this the other day and put it on my facebook because it was such a wonderful reminder.
“The most fundamental thing is not how we think of God, but what God thinks of us.”  ~ CS Lewis~
I know God loves me and has given me gifts to share for others.
Could writing be one of those gifts?
Do I need to trust more or deeper in order for me to believe the gift he has given is good enough for others to receive?
Perhaps I do.
I am a writer.
I think I can say that but what is the next step I need to do to believe that my words can help others?
A few things for me to think about today as this challenge begins.