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Our Pastor asked us the other day,
“If Jesus looked at the church today what would he see?
People broken and fractured weighted down with heavy hearts and wounded souls.”
He said,”Do you realize Jesus death was birthed out of a concern for humanity?”
Broken people are fragmented and they are disjointed. They are not peaceful. They are not calm.
They are broken.
God sent his son so we ‘the broken’ can become whole.
We teach our little ones to sing, “Jesus Loves the little children all the children of the world.”
But do we bring it down to us… Jesus loved us.
Us means you and me. You and I.
Or do you remember the song, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”
Do we believe it really?
It would break his heart to see a broken lifeless church after all he died for us.
He died a terrible death so we.. so we… you and I can become whole and healed and full of life.
He died so we could have hope.
He died so we could have a chance to be saved and believe in him.
Jesus knew the cost. He knew the routine he had seen other ‘Crucifixions’ but it would be HIS that would save the world.
In the garden he had asked a chosen few to watch with him and wait.
What did they do… they fell asleep.
When he found them he said, “could you not watch with me a little while and pray?”
He knew the heaviness of his own heart.
I am often reminded of the tomb and remember so well the scene where Mary is crying and weeping. Her Lord is gone. The tomb was empty. She was empty. She was broken.
She was full of sorrow deep agonizing sorrow.
Remember what happened?
He said “Mary”~
Mary… the one whom he loved and who loved Him.
Mary… He knew her name. He was personal. He was powerful.
He was relational.
She knew his voice she knew it was him saying… Mary.
Something to ask yourself.
If Jesus were to say your name would you know without a doubt it was him?
Only when we are in tune to his voice and his love will we know it is him.
I pray we will be like Mary…
and know his voice so well we will hear him in the midst of our tears and cling to him and not want to let go when he says our name.