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In January I often move into a time of prayer and ask the Lord for a word for the year.
It is a pause for me, as I wait for the right word, and then later watch and wait as it comes to life during the year.
Every word has proven to be the right one for that particular season of life.
This year it was a deeply felt feeling that the word would be ‘reveal’.
I wasn’t sure what it was about or why, I just felt like it was the right one.
The meaning of the word is this:
1. to show clearly
2. to make known through divine inspiration
3. to make (something secret or hidden) publicly or generally known
4. to open up to view: display
I struggled with the word reveal, it speaks to me of exposure.
Of opening oneself up when often it is not the right time, to do so.
I am by nature a very private person so when this word came to me it was hard to grasp.
This year has brought new changes for us.
Retirement has been an adjustment.
Revealing to us the ‘days and the hours’ of spending together.
This year has brought new financial decisions and practices for us.
Revealing a budget that is not tight but not wide open either.
This year has brought to us news of health changes for both myself and my best friend.
Revealing a life threatening illness for her and revealing a diabetic diagnosis for me.
She has to take medications to keep her from getting more ill and I am not needing insulin, just a diet adjustment.
This year has brought home the reality that life is short, and precious and not to be taken for granted.
I struggle with the changes and I challenged God at times and asked why?
He doesn’t have to explain anything to me, the questioning is only for my grumbling attitude to find a voice.
My friend has a beautiful home, a husband who loves her, a family who adores her.
She is a grandma and a precious friend.
She is an amazing women who loves God with everything in her. So why the new challenge for her?
My own diagnosis of diabetes is something I would never have expected.
It is a challenge for me to think of food in a different way now.
For years I didn’t think of food except for the fact I had to eat to live.
I weighed under a hundred pounds many years. It was not a priority for me.
This year I have learned food is my guide, my course, my way of keeping the numbers down.
Not being one who likes needles I tell myself every day when the little poke in my finger takes place,
“this could be worse.”
I suppose it could be life threatening too, if I did not pay attention and ignore the signs or symptoms.
It is a pause for me… to pray about and over this season of our lives.
My friends life and mine.
Oh and the above description of the word ‘reveal’. (to reveal a messy room)
Yes I do have those, in our home. Doors are shut so others do not see the disordered mess.
Exposure is hard when one is learning to reveal parts of themselves.
Whether that be exposing one’s lack of organization or exposing heart conditions that questions why, in the middle of trusting.
I do not understand or pretend to know why our lives are changing.
Those life altering moments I so often write about, is just as revealing as anything we can experience.
During those hard moments of truth, we must decide, I will remain in a posture of thanksgiving.
I will trust in a God who has reasons unknown to me, the why.
I will have faith in the process of living each day as a gift to unwrap and enjoy.
What those moments, reveal to us as the lesson is learned, will open up the divine purpose and inspiration.
As we come to embrace all that life has to offer us.