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After reading the book “Saying it well” by Charles Swindoll.
It has left me with many things to process.
He tells the reader to find your calling.
Your place in life that gives you peace.
A calm heart’s condition.
A restful soul experience.
A knowing that you are right where you need to be right now.
In reading that I had to ask myself… have I found my call in life?
Is it possible to ever really find it?
This blog is three years old now. 
Over 500 posts have been written and what can be said about it is this:
The heart and soul of why I sit before a screen and pound my thoughts out by the strokes of a key board
is to encourage others in the process of relationships.
Looking back into the writings that the Lord put on my heart the whole message is knowing one’s heart condition.
Creating an attitude of gratitude as I learned from the wonderful
Ann Voskamp and her book ‘A thousand Gifts’.
We have many things to be grateful for even when we feel we have nothing.
When we feel we have nothing then we need to start small just as Ann did and write down everything before us and around us and open our eyes to what we really have been given.
In the “Saying it well” book he tells the reader if one is going to write or speak
it has to be in such a way that when others hear your words
they will feel and be moved and be touched within
by the intensity and power of what they read.
Ann has done that by simply teaching others to be grateful.
Touching others with our words is not an easy task for a writer.
We have to reach in and find the right reason to share what is on our heart.
Charles Swindoll said, “whenever someone is reading your writings or listening to you
they are taking a part of their day to pay attention.
Make it worth their time.”
I am learning:
It is the character and the life of your writing that will help others to return.
We read favorite books because we enjoy their style and their personalities.
The same is true for this kind of writing.
More than anything I want this to be an authentic place where being real is the way it is and being honest and open is acceptable.
Today I am grateful and thankful for the readers who read this writing of mine and comment and encourage me in this process.
My prayer is that I can encourage you too
as we walk this journey called life together and perhaps in this process we can all find ‘something to think about’.