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This last weekend I went to a ladies retreat.
The topic was called: ‘living a legacy’.
Not LEAVING a legacy…it was living a legacy.
I loved the concept.
I loved the idea.
To make each and every day full of moments aligned with a living statement
of what I wish to share with others.
Right now ~  this moment ~  this time in my life.
So that…
So that…
if something should ever take place and for some reason
my life is cut short
they will have a visual or an idea of
‘who I was and what I wanted to teach them’.
This is so important.
When we live a legacy we are teaching each and every day.
We are sharing life as we speak positive affirming words.
We are sharing heart to heart conversations with each other.
We are sharing matters of our hearts with one another.
We are learning to be intentional with our words and careful too.
That is my message.

That will always be my message.
BE REAL~ Be truthful~ Be loving and kind to each other.
Love God for that is all that really matters and
always be intentional towards each other
for life is short and we never know when we might miss an opportunity to say we care.
Living a legacy is our calling…
Are you ready to live yours?