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A little country flag…
Oh Lord
I pray that we as a people understand
that we have fallen so hard and moved so far away from your blessings
and then we have the nerve to ask
 where is our God?
When we as a people have not taken your words seriously and we have not understood your commandments fully.
I pray your Grace over us.
I pray your protection over us and our country
even when we take your name out of our pledge of allegiance.
For in our unwillingness to see you for WHO you truly are
we miss seeing the enemy for who he is also.
As we learn the truth 
I pray we can use all power and weapons we need to remove him.
Lord God I ask for your patience
for I know we are people to be most pitied and our shame
should be a cover wrapped around us
as you continue to protect us against the strong wind of attacks from our enemy
even when we don’t deserve your faithfulness to us. 
We have failed you as a country 
yet some of us choose to serve you in the midst of those failings.
Keep us in your will and abide with us.
Stay close to us for you have promised to never leave.
Don’t give up on us yet
for there is hope and renewal for many willing to sacrifice their lives and hearts
for your purpose and our freedom. 
God Please Bless America!
As you look upon us with your love.
God Bless America
Land that I Love
Stand Beside Her
And Guide Her
From the night
with a light from above
God Please Bless America…My Home Sweet Home