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Sharon and I were followers of the same blog when she came over to visit mine. She is such a blessing, with a beautiful heart full of love and encouragement.

Last week, I asked folks if they know their own story, the one that God had written for them. Sharon responded by sending me a part of her story.

It is my pleasure to share my friend Sharon with you today.
This is from Mary Kathryn Tyson’s blog posted yesterday.

a simple prayer
Before I became a Christian, my view of God was full of skepticism and unbelief. He was like a Santa who gave things to people when they asked. He was very far away and not an all-knowing GOD.
Jesus was a man in a story book.
I was not raised in a Christian home, yet I do remember walking to a small church as a little girl to Sunday school. As I listened to the stories of the Bible on flannel graph boards, God and Jesus were unreachable to me. They were characters in a hard-backed book. I couldn’t touch them or feel them. They were songs sung to the music of an un-tuned piano. Jesus loves the little children… only I was not one of them.
The way God reached out to me is a wonderful and powerful reminder that He does indeed listen to the prayers, of those who do not know Him.
He listens to the heart cries and He is moved with compassion.
In my freshman year of high school, I began to search for the meaning of life. We had moved again to a new rental home and another new school, probably my 20th by now. It was at the bus stop while waiting for the bus where I would engage in conversation with a girl standing there with me. She was an honor student who lived with her parents in a normal stable family. I was very different. I would wear the Diana Ross highly-ratted hairstyle, fake eyelashes (yes, I did say that) and white eye shadow. It was the late 60′s and the look was between Diana Ross and Cher.
Every day this girl would ask me questions. Pursuing me. Forcing me to ‘think’ about God and church and life. Every day I argued with her. It was constant. My life experience had been much different than hers. My concept of ‘love’ was not something she could understand. We were two friends speaking different languages. She talked often and gave me lots of questions.
As our friendship grew, I began to listen to her. I decided to test her ‘GOD’.
My sister Mary had been gone for many months on the street, living life as a drug addict and runaway. I missed her greatly and wanted desperately to see her. We didn’t know if she dead or alive and it was a heart ache I couldn’t take care of on my own. I remembered this girl told me ‘GOD hears all prayers’. I didn’t believe it but what could I lose by trying?

One night as I was going to bed, not knowing how to pray or what to pray or how it all all works for Him to hear you, I prayed a simple prayer. A bold one. A searching from the heart prayer. I said, “God I would believe, I think I can believe you, if you can find my sister. The girl tells me you know everything, you see everything. So you should know how to find her. I want her home. If you are God. If you know everything then you can bring her home tonight. When I wake up in the morning I want her sleeping in her own bed. If you can do that, then I will believe”. I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. Unusual for me at that stage of life.

You can imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning, and saw her across the room sleeping in her own bed. The police had found her in the middle of the night and contacted our mother. She had been beaten badly but she was home, sleeping in her bed, in our room. It was an unbelievable moment and a miraculous reunion of sisters. A cry from a young person’s heart to a God who hears. We were always hopeful she was alive, but never knowing it was crushing to my heart. Mary didn’t stay at home very long. She left soon after the first night, but my prayer was answered.
Now I had to deal with ‘the girl at the bus stop’. I made the phone call telling her what happened. She told me about God, church and her youth group. The girl at the bus stop is now my sister-in-law. We married brothers.
I believe God knew the only way I would trust, was for Him to show me an answer to a simple prayer. From a simple heart. HE can do the unimaginable. I trust Him. The journey continues.
The years after God came into my life were not easy. But because of the strength HE gave I was able to trust Him through the process. He was hope when I felt hopeless. He was my peace when it wasn’t peaceful. He was love on a Cross saying to me, “I care deeply for you”. His ways are mysterious and wonderful and I am always in awe of His love. I have never regretted that first life-changing prayer.

I hope this finds you encouraged. Our God is a God who hears the simple prayers of faith. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. It just has to be from the heart.

My name is Sharon. I am 55 years old and have been married almost 37 years now. God has blessed me with two wonderful children and now six delightful grandchildren. Life has been a journey of ups and downs but with God, all things are possible if we trust Him.