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They have always loved each other
The bed is getting very small for them.



Emma Rose 

Emma Rose a grand old Australian cattle dog
Queensland Heeler 

Our time is coming to an end very soon with Miss Emma Rose.
She is showing signs of her aging and in fact I figured out she will be 16 in October.
Her hips are beginning to give out on her and her legs are very fragile, she has a hard time walking especially on the wood floor in our family room.
She has very few teeth. I moisten her food now, sometimes even mush it down to make it easier to eat.
She is on pain medication two times a day now, I put them on bread with butter she loves it.
She is still eating and drinking and doing her outside duties.
I am in prayer as to when I should take her in and put her down.
My heart has been in grief for a few months now I just can’t say good bye to her.
Our kitties have been a great deal of fun for us. They are almost a year old now and moving out of the bad behavior and running wild stages tearing up anything in their path.
They both love their old dog and most of the time disturb her with all their kitty loves.
She looks at me with a look that says “really mom?” let me out please I do need some old lady quiet time.