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As I began to write on my facebook page I wanted to share something I learned last night only I changed it a bit to make it more ‘relational’… Friendship is: the intentional process of investing in someone to HELP them deepen their intimacy with God/Christ (and others) and discover who God made them to be. It is in the investing of others that move us out of our own issues and problems. The INTENTIONAL process of walking alongside someone. Listening to their heart, listening to their hurts. Finding time within our day to ‘call, write, or pray’ for another. To stop and LISTEN. To what is said and NOT said. Sometimes it is in that moment of listening we learn something about our selves and others in the process. It is a challenge for our selves when maybe we don’t want to be challenged. It is a pressing forward to allow someone else.. in our world. Lord help us all to be better friends.