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Our pastor continued his teaching on the ‘hurt’ topic today.
It was powerful as it always is, leaving one with much to process and think about when heading home.
Last week he said: our hurts are the darkness of our hearts where we feel overwhelmed, and full of grief.
In order to heal we need to re-define what happened in the midst of the hurt. What happened in the midst of the pain or the trauma or the deep grief. We have to understand what took place in order to move forward out of the darkness.
We need to realize the greater purpose for the hurt and pain so we can put it in a proper context for healing.
Such as someday we can walk alongside someone who has experienced the same kind of hurt and pain we have. We can be an important teacher and guide for them as they walk through and experience the darkness of their heart in the same way we did ours. The wounded-ness of soul. The broken heart ache. The intense pain and sorrow. We all have experienced it at some point in time.
In order for healing to take place we need to learn to say, “I am not a victim, I am an over comer.”
He then moved into the second part of the teaching today and talked to us about dealing with our offenses.
In the way we were offended often times we see life through the lens of the grudge or the anger or the deep resentment surrounding the offense. Our filter is like a pair of sunglasses and every thing we look at or experience is based on the distorted view of the lens we are looking through.
Life is not seen clearly.
It is distorted…blurred and…cloudy.
We learn to not handle our hurts ~ we allow them to handle us.
He wanted us to realize hurt people offend easily.
Have you ever met someone who is hyper sensitive and it becomes very clear that no matter what you say or do it becomes distorted or viewed way different then what you had intended?
Hurt people can’t do relationships in a healthy way.
They perceive life as an offense put upon them so that every relationship is sabotaged. Offended people learn to hurt others and learn to do it well. Offended people push others away and rarely allow anyone close to them.
Pastor said, “We must move away from our offenses and learn to let them go.”
The more we hold onto our offense our hearts becomes hardened and walled off from authentic feelings.
The longer we stay the offended hurt wounded person the longer we push… healing… away.
The goal must be to heal the offenses ~ acknowledge the pain ~ let it go and then let healing begin.
Lord God move in us so that we are not the ‘offended one’. So that we are not the ‘hyper sensitive judgemental person.’ So that we are not the hurt wounded person stuck in that position.
Move in the places of our heart and show us
those who have offended against us and then help us to move forward to a place of healing towards them.