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In Shelly’s book, she says “home is not a structure, it is a place that resides in each of us.”
Think about this for a moment.
Each of us have homes where we live in, and feel safe in.
What if, that place of peace was taken from you, or removed in some way? How would you respond?
What she is saying, home is a place within your heart that is comfortable, and safe, and not messed with.
Home is in your heart, and in your relationships, and the world you reside in.
Ever heard the saying, “I feel at home with them?”
Yeah it is a good thing.
She talks about how Sabbath is an invitation for intimate conversation and intentional quieting.
Intentionally setting aside time for a friend, a husband, or a child who needs you without distractions.
It is learning to carve out time for the important.
I love the concept.
It is so different than what we have told ourselves for years.
She says in the book, “sometimes you have to slow to a stop and rest before you can experience divine presence.”
I say, it is learning to listen.
Learning to say, today my soul needs the waves of the ocean.
Or time with a treasured friend and I don’t care if the dishes are not done or the laundry is heaping in the basket.
It is not being selfish, it is nurturing to your spirit.
Even when I was a young mom and life was busy and noisy and cluttered, I took a nap when the children did.
I restored my soul.
I love this book of Shelly’s, for it gives me reason to choose to do the life giving important things that feed my soul.
Becoming intentional takes a lot of practice.
It also teaches us to breathe.
My husband and I take walks often and when we walk, I force myself to breathe in deeply the air in my lungs.
Intentional deep breathes.
It is good. It is healthy and healing.
I pray that this book finds a place at your table and I also pray you realize how to be intentional in breathing, moving and listening.