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In our trip down in Florence we were able to go sight seeing a bit.
Hubby is still recovering from his knee replacement, almost 11 weeks but still learning how to manage it.
I am dealing with a few new health issues so our hiking walking days are minimal at this time.
We did manage to do a bit of sight seeing. I love to look at watch clouds. They are fun for me.
Guessing what could they be or what do I see. I guess the child in me still loves it.
It is a very fun adventure for me and it is also a way for me to remember how grand and glorious OUR God is to make such beauty.
We discovered a path that went pretty high and my hubby said ‘let’s go find the ocean.’
I was not sure since we are not hikers in sand and it looked like a new adventure for us.
It looked like a lot of climbing to me. In sand which is way more difficult going UP. I was right because about half way up I was clinging to the grass for stability.
Both of us did it and we found ourselves pretty tired when we got done, going down was a lot easier than going up that was for sure, although going down you gain more speed.
I found myself digging my heels into the sand as I stepped in it to not lose my balance.
While we were UP a young ’20 something guy’ came walking up the trail as if it was smooth walking. Yeah NOT us. We told him he made it look really easy.
Hubby couldn’t figure out why he was so sore the next day and I went to bed that night at 9:20 totally exhausted.
Us old folks just can’t do the hard hiking right now.DSCN1341
The view when up on the high side of the hill was amazing. But we were done looking and all things had to come to and end, we needed to go back to our car.
The adventure continued and we planned on a new one the next day or later that evening, whichever we felt like on this ‘journey away from home’.
We do really enjoy the time together and our ‘long term’ vacation called ‘retirement.’