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We were so close to the Montana border we felt we had to get there at some point in our trip just so we could say, “‘we did it.”
The landscape was not too much different than Idaho, and we actually would have gone further into the state, but time was an issue, we had to get back to Baker in a few days.
We found a great little meal in a small restaurant in the town of wisdom Montana.
The town itself was a post office, a general store that sold assorted goods.
A gas station which we needed, and a cute little church where we found a geocache, inside the bathroom. That was a strange place I thought, but I guess that is part of the hunt.
(In strange places which includes bathrooms)
Wonder who ever thought of that one?
Not far from this restaurant was the Big hole monument site where there was a big fight between the Indians and the white man. We drove to that site and explored the history within it’s walls and watched the movie provided with great information.DSCN1851 DSCN1865 DSCN1870
I always love to look at the detail of the blankets made by hand.
In the same time frame as this little trip, we were trying to get a night or two at red fish lake area but that was very full. There are few sites in each campground and they are taken very quickly according to those who we talked to.
So we found a spot down the road to camp and decided the water would be our play day.
We had spent a lot of time driving and site seeing and sometimes one has to just stop and play as we picnicked along the waters edge. Most of our team got into the water because the temperature was in the 90’s.  ‘I’ just sat and enjoyed the beauty around us.
Along the country roads we would often find interesting signs.
Of course I would often read them out loud, which is why ‘we had the nickname’ Gabby.
It didn’t make me feel too excited to be camping in bear country or even cougar country but unless you are in a city, that is the way it is most of the time.
Sharing ‘their space’…without their consent.
Tomorrow we will journey onward as we move from Idaho back into Oregon.