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During one of our ‘travel days’ while we were staying in Florence we drove to a place known as Shore Acres.
It is beautiful to visit and take pictures and hike around. There is a trail that leads down to a very private beach.
We went there a few years ago and really wanted to go back and see it again.
This visit brought more tourist visitors, we were not sure why since it was in the middle of the week.
We were anticipating less people but it wasn’t bad, maybe a dozen were on the beach the same time we were.
The grounds around Shore acres have water falls, and beautiful flowers planted like a English garden.
Very beautiful.DSCN1387
IMG_0916 (4)
When walking around the grounds you will notice there are a variety of roses, dahlia’s, perennial plants, all surrounded by carefully cut box woods.
It is a beautiful site to see and I have heard that at Christmas time it is even MORE outstanding.
On one side of the gardens there is a gate that leads down the path to the beach.
I loved the many picture taking opportunities it gave us as we went down the trail.
DSCN1363 They have stairs that are pretty easy to navigate.
DSCN1364 I always look for blog pictures and see if they can help tell a story or two.
DSCN1368 As you walk the path if you listen really close you can hear ‘wild’ sea lions barking like a pack of dogs.
There is a place alongside the mountain you can climb while on an over look to see and experience them in the natural habitat.
We did that last time we were there, but this time neither one of us wanted to walk the uneven trail.
DSCN1371The beach is so pretty. The mountainside so rugged.
DSCN1381 The beach has a drop off I have not walked out to it but it is there, I am sure of it.
Where the beach is higher than the water.
We want to go back when we can see the Christmas lighting and all the festivities in the park.
We have heard it is amazing and beautiful with thousands of lights and decorations surrounding the grounds.
Perhaps next year I can post some ‘holiday lights’ to show you the beauty of this wonderful place.