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May we be awake and alert.
This last Sunday our Pastor was teaching on the book of Revelations; which is the last book of the New Testament of the Bible.
It is full of end times warnings, dreams, visions and teachings.
It is also sometimes very hard to understand without someone explaining it.
He mentioned that in our time and culture today we must remain awake and alert.
There are sneaky people who are trying to undermine the truth and principles we live by.
Our United States was made with a declaration of Independence that holds truth and values.
There are those who have tried to minimize truth, or twist it for their own good.
Like a false prophet they create their own rules that only benefits the agenda they preach.
Pastor was saying that we have become a tolerant society, who turns the other way when faced with facts.
When our grand daughter was born early she was in the NICU setting of the baby area.
Within that room they had babies of all sizes and with all health issues.
She was tiny. A whopping 2 pounds 11 ounces, but you know what? they had babies smaller than that.
I will never be a believer in abortion and I would NEVER be a believer of full term abortion.
A society who tolerates and agrees to infanticide is a scary place to be.
I do not believe in removing the elderly either.
Some countries have made it ok to do that. I pray that OUR USA would never come to that point.
What Pastor was saying; so much of this sneaks into the thoughts and the everyday; and we become numb.
It scares me to think of how different our USA has become in my lifetime and I don’t want to watch more.
Now with the pandemic of covid people are losing businesses, houses, vacations, and now holidays.
Our Oregon is in a mandatory lock down.
Families are struggling to find hope in this crazy time.
It could be very depressing but we have to believe that things will change.
I will choose to believe it will be better, that the dark works of the evil one will be exposed.
The truth will remain as a constant.
We cannot lose our strength and we cannot lose our freedoms.
Maybe it’s time for us to be on our knees and pray our prayers.
“Our Father who art in heaven HOLY is your name.”
Let us pray from a place of trust and hope.
May we be awake and alert.