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May we always choose to use life giving words when communicating with others.
It is so often that we enter into conversations when we are out shopping, or in a group settings such as a church or work.
How easy it is to first listen so we know what is happening around us but also pay attention to who we are with.
To listen with the intention of fully hearing the words said and expressed from others.
We all know what we feel like when we express our feelings and then feel unheard.
It always goes back to what Pastor said, “words can be life building or they can tear down.”
Have you ever been around someone who is generally negative all the time?
They do not create a safe place for sharing matters from a heart.
The greatest gift we can give is to listen with the intention of understanding.
[kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.] proverbs 16:24
I tend to gravitate to kind people. You know them, they are considerate of others, they show appreciation, they are full of thanksgiving in attitude and behavior.
I keep thinking of the line that Pastor said, “The sad part is the words that could have given life and hope to someone is often not said to them.”
Have you ever had someone speak truth over you? affirming your heart dreams and goals?
It’s like a cheerleader saying, “you can do it, I believe in you.”
It is so easy to choose words that give life, it is also easy to listen and process how we are going to share with others. There is a saying around face book world that says we often listen to respond instead of listen to ‘hear’ what the other person is sharing.
[This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;] James 1:19
When I looked up the word hear it is found 1835 times in the bible.
The word listen is found 371 times, the word understand is found 256 times.
[“How long will you hunt for words? Show understanding and then we can talk.] Job 18:2
[“But if you have understanding, hear this; Listen to the sound of my words.] Job 34:16
The word speak is found 671 times in the bible.
So in the big picture of what I am trying to share is this, it is more important to hear in order to be in relationship with God and with others.
When I was in counseling my counselor would tell me he was listening to my words and also my body language. Both are important.
When someone comes to you and says “can we have coffee and talk sometime?”
They are actually saying, “will you make time for me to share with you, will you listen?”
It’s an excellent challenge and question. Ready for a cup of tea and conversation?