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Thirty eight years ago on November 3rd ~ 1973
We kneeled at the altar and said our vows to each other to God and our families
and all of those who were witnessing this young man and young woman begin a new life together as husband and wife.
Did we know what we were doing or saying?
I think we thought we did
but until one has gone through the sickness and health together
the better and worse times ~ the good and the bad
the joyful times and sad times one cannot really know what “I do” really means.

We were 18 and 19 and beginning a crazy life of young marrieds and eventually young parenting.
Trying to manage a home and budget and work and church and all the other ‘things that get in ones way’ of relationship.
We struggled and we have grown.
We have changed.
I still can’t believe you were in a  yellow tux pretty sure you wouldn’t wear one now.
Young love says yes sometimes when really you probably didn’t want to wear yellow.
One thing maturity has taught is that we have choice and we can say no now.
Throughout the years we struggled and moved deeper in the process of learning to ‘grow up’ together.

Times were not always easy but because we had a God we could lean on and people who supported us and a belief that we were in a commitment that could not be broken.
We worked hard to do what needed to be done to make it the best life we could make it.
On that afternoon 38 years ago when we bowed our knees and our hearts at the altar and said ‘I do’ to each other.
We chose to make it happen.
To make a life together for ourselves and our future children and grand children.
We had no idea God would bless us with a son and a daughter and later six beautiful grand children.
We had no idea what the years would bring us and how much we both would change.
For richer for poorer and for better or worse as you tell me often:
“remember we are going to grow old together”.
I truly hope and pray we do.

So as we walk into the next 38 years we lean on the Lord and each other ~
through the good times we will share many memories and through the sad times we will share many sorrows too.
Then with a smile on our faces and a dance to our step we will say to each other:                                                                         


                                              WE MADE IT!