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The first thing we need to do in this simplify process is make solid decisions final.
In order for the simplify process to begin; one needs to carve out time to do the purging.
Pick one day of the week then start in one corner and move around within the room you are in.
That is what works best for me.
If I try to tackle too much it makes me more disorganized and frustrated.
Begin with one box at a time. Set up a shredding bag, give away bag, recycle bag, save bag.
Each bag has a purpose and don’t spend too much time with any of them.
The point of the process is simplify.
You can even do this in your every day routines.
The other day I looked at my bathroom counter said to myself, “how many lotions, face wash creams, make up brushes do I need? How many do I use? How long have I had them?”
Oh and let’s not forget those drawers full of stuff and cupboards under your sink?
A goal is to make it so easy to see and know what we have and don’t have, so we are not into the guessing game.
I have often purchased items only to realize when bringing them home I already had them.
It used to be a family joke about me shopping in my closet. Now I am thinking it is more of a budget issue.
I think for me I will try to set up a particular day of the week and make that day just for organizing.
By nature what has worked in the past for me is a three day window. If I start a project it needs to be done in three days or less.
Whatever process you or I have to figure out, then let’s make sure we do it.
The other thing that will be really helpful is to determine the final goal, and what must be done to finish it.
If I want less clutter then I have to purge out the collectible stuff.
If I want organized shelves or desk drawers then I have to think of what needs to be done to accomplish that.
How many times have I reached for a pen and couldn’t find one? or a stapler or a roll of tape?
Organized spaces would make life so much smoother and would feel very calm when finished.
So the new goal is making final solid decisions, without remorse and creating time to get it done.
Shall we encourage each other in this process?