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I finally figured out part of the reason I was ‘sad’ on Sunday and overly emotional.
Not only were we talking about marriage and relationships and commitments at church.
We realized that Saturday the 31st would have been mom and dad O’s 61st wedding anniversary.

She left us on May 8th 2010.
She fought the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in a strong and determined way.
She had surgery and did chemo and did everything the doctor said to prevent the cancer from getting worse. Her weight loss confirmed it did eventually become worse.
The battle was raging between the reality of the disease and her desire for hope and healing she never really did give up till the very last when she told the doctor, “well I guess if the chemo isn’t working then I don’t have a choice but to wait.”
Their story is a love story.
I have written about it before back in April and a little bit of May.
They met and three weeks later they married and in 60 plus years they made a family and a life together. They has 5 boys and one girl and when she died there were many grandchildren, great grandchildren and one great-great coming soon.
They were a simple married couple who loved each other to the end.
It was a love story between Mom and dad O and I learned a lot by watching them.
I didn’t always understand their ‘family’ or the devotion they all had for mom and dad or for each other.
That would come to me later.
Dad O is almost 88 now and dealing with her loss on a daily basis.
He is sad~He is changed~He is aging.
His life changed when her illness got worse. The day she let go and left us to be with Jesus~dad’s life became different.
He lives with his daughter now. He is adjusting the same way we are all adjusting.
It was a love story of how two people grew in love.
It was a love story of richer and poorer and better and worse.
Till death parted them…It their love story…A story of love… family… acceptance and forgiveness.
It was a story of a mom and a grandma who is deeply missed.
A story to be remembered and stored deeply in our hearts that their example will be valuable to us for this generation and others to come.
It is a story of faith and family and a mom who was determined to share her Lord with everyone who would listen.
We miss you mom…
someday we will be with you again…
and you will hug us into the heavenly place and say,
“welcome home I have been waiting for you.”