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The last blog post I did was about our old black dog.
It was my 500th blog post.
I can’t believe it has been that many times of sitting here
pounding out
thoughts and questions.
Isn’t that interesting?
A significant mile post and also a significant loss.
This month has been a really hard one and losing our old dog
was just another reminder for me that we must stay strong
and focused.
I was reading something by John Eldredge from
in the letter he said something I need to think about
on many levels.
How do you want me to be looking at this Lord?
It is a simple question.
It is also a really hard one.
My first blog year was full of grief… each writing
seemed like a pouring out of my heart and spirit.
Losing a family pet is really hard too.
We have been here before with each one of those who went before him.
None of them are easy to let go and say goodbye.
Our yard is different right now.
My dog Emma is quiet and I believe she is missing our old black dog who was her friend.
She seems a little lost.
Not too different from any of us when grief strikes our hearts.